We specialise in the area of Public Procurement Law
and competitive tendering.

We advise public as well as private sector clients, purchasers and suppliers on all aspects of German, European and International Public Procurement Law.

We assist and guide our clients through procurement organisation and processes and give advice regarding the procedural and contractual specifics of public procurement.

Our main areas of expertise:

  1.     Public Procurement Law

  2. -procurement review proceedings

  3. -drafting procurement documents in line with the legal requirements and checking their adherence with procurement rules

  4. -contract award procedures

  5. -advice regarding objections in the course of procurement procedure and bidder requests

  1.     EU state aid law/public funding

  2. -budgetary law

  3. -funding agreements and related restrictions and obligations

  4. -recovery of payments

  5. -approval and unfair competition

  1.     Contract management/Contract law

  2. -drafting and negotiating contracts

  3. -EVB-IT

  4. -Change-order-management in the areas of VOL/B and VOB/B

  5. -Contract analysis and risk assessment

  1.     WTO procurement law

  2. -Centralised contracting authorities

  3. -Transparency

  4. -Non-discrimination

  5. -Exemptions, in particular in the field of defence and security

  1.     Competition law

  2. -Bidder cartels

  3. -Agreements restricting competition

  4. -Monopolies and dominant positions

  5. -Demand cartels, in particular framework agreements

  1.     Framework agreements /Umbrella-agreements

  2. -clear and comprehensive description of the contractual performance

  3. -Price variation clauses

  4. -Undefined quantities

  5. -Temporary employment (ANÜ)


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